Australia's first construction industry Battle of the Bands.

June 29th, 2016 - OXFORD ART FACTORY, Sydney




On 29th June, 2016 bands will face off for the ultimate title of ‘Construction Rock Champions’ in the second Sydney Constructions Rocks.

Event Information

  • The competition is open to all groups of individuals in or associated with the construction industry.

  • Band Info:

    • Bands must consist entirely of employees of construction industry companies. Companies may combine in joint ventures to form bands.

    • Each band will be given 15 minutes only to impress the judges and audience. It’s entirely up to the bands how they fill this.

    • Maximum of 6 members / band.

    • Back line (bass amp, guitar amp and drums) will be available together with all PA and mics. Band members must provide all other musical instruments and equipment necessary for the performance.

    • The minimum entry fee for each band is $250 regardless of number of members in the band. This includes entry to the event, band member tickets and website company publicity.

    • Bands will be expected to assist in promoting the event to their colleagues / clients / friends to attend and witness the rock.

    • Band order will be decided by the organisers

  • Expert judges (to be announced) will decide the winner along with a ‘crowd favourite’ vote.

  • Early-bird tickets will be available online with a bulk-purchase discount. Tickets will also be available on the door (unless sold-out prior). Maximum capacity of venue is 500.

  • All profits from the Raffle will go to the nominated charity (PIF)

  • All ticket/door sale profits will be given to a charity nominated by the winning band.

  • First prize for the winning band will be a Gold Class Screening of DAVID BRENT: LIFE ON THE ROAD for the band and 20 friends #BRENTSBACK. Sponsored by Entertainment one.

eVENT Charity

Young people under the age of 25 make up half of the homeless population. One in every 51 girls aged 15 -19 used a homeless service last year. The number of children using homeless services has increased by around 15,000 in the last couple of years.

According to the 2011 census there were over 44,000 young people homeless, meaning that about 43% of the Australian homeless population are babies, children and youth under the age of 25.

The Property Industry Foundation (PIF) was established in NSW in 1996, when industry leaders joined forces to help grass-roots charities that provide specialist services for at risk youth. The Melbourne office was started in late 2008; and the Brisbane office opened in May 2013. Since inception, PIF has proven to be very successful as a forum and a philanthropic focal point for people in the property and construction industry to use their skills and resources to help solve the important community problem of youth homelessness.

The Property Industry Foundation's vision is to unite the entire national property and construction industry in an independent initiative to support community programs aimed at young people at risk.

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