2017 Bands

This year we have 7 bands ready to rock it out!

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The CliffDivers

For about the last 4 years the Cliffdivers been delving into the dim recesses of musical history, willfully crossing genre boundaries with impunity, in pursuit of songs that are waiting to be stripped back and delivered purely and without embellishment. We're a three piece who nod to blues, alt-country, 60's garage and a few other things besides. A set of eclectic covers  with a few originals for good measure. 


The band was originally formed in 2014 just to be part of Mirvac's Christmas Party entertainment with 8 members and an Audio Technician from Design, Development, IT and Retail. Then after our first performance we lost few members and formed the (6 member) 2nd Generation with only 4 original members(including our Audio Technician, then became our bass guitarist) was left and welcomed 2 new members (drums & vocals). Now 3rd Gen is formed from our 4 original members, together again David, Vong, Kiran & Gina with 2nd Gen member Maria & latest member John.


A Spandrel is the space between two arches. Architects are all about space. Spandrel is also the newest artistic venture for Bijl Architecture - and as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained! Whilst we are a new band, we have three experienced musicians all of whom have played in bands. 

On the Brink

Formed in 2016, with low expectations, On The Brinck took the 2016 Construction Rocks competition by storm, winning the competition
and reviving 80's hair-glam-rock in the process. Prepare to be dazzled….literally

Higher Ground

Our band’s name is “Higher Ground”, the title of a song by Stevie Wonder that we like to play Red Hot Chili Peppers style. We chose this name as we all love this song (which became one of our strong ones) and because still reminds us where we come from giving a sense of “verticality”! The band was started in early 2014 by a few colleagues discovering that they shared a love of music. The band continues to morph as we find joy in experimenting with songs that have resonated with the very unique members of the band from 70's to pop and Contemporary - we rock them all.


Avocado Dreaming

Most members are the ORIGINAL Hassell Architect office band! We first played in 2009 and have been jamming every since pulling
in other architects to play with along the way.

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Yeah Nah Yeah

Yeah Nah Yeah are a decisively undecided eclectic collective of scientists and engineers from WSP. Hailing from at all corners of the globe, their love of rocking out has bought them together to wind back the clock and bring you some of the best selections from their parent's record collection.

The winning band will record a song and film a music video thanks to:

Love HZ Studios