avocado dreaming


Most members are the ORIGINAL Hassell Architect office band! We first played in 2009 and have been jamming every since pulling
in other architects to play with along the way.

Nominated Charity: PIF

Band Members

Elizabeth Morcos

Lead Vocal

Elizabeth has been singing from a very young age and has been involved in every kind of singing from the Australian Girls Choir,
amateur musicals to Office bands! Currently at Peck Von Hartel as Project Leader. 

Scott Fraser

Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals

Scott has been playing guitar from age 16 and recently been singing backing vocals with Liz in duet performances.
Work is an all-rounder architect at Scentrgroup documenting new Westfield Shopping Centres.

Joe Wood


Joe likes to play guitar every now and then, it's been on and off for the last 20 years. Now it's on again!
Joe currently works for TVD- interior design and project management complany, in a coordinator role


Shawn Li 


Shawn likes to play the air bass in the shower sometimes, mostly to Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars tunes.
Currently at DKO as Senior Architect

Alex Herran

Trombone & Minor Percussion

Alex is a professional trombone player, hes been playing trombone since the age of 15.
He currently plays for the Latin Addiction Orchestra. Alex works as a Proejct Architect for Architectus.

Timothy James Ferrer

Drums & Backing Vocals

TJ played in a number of bands. His main instrument is guitar, but got wound up playing other instruments for his other bands.
Like Shawn, TJ is a professional air guitar player. He is a graduate Architect working for PTW.