The band was originally formed in 2014 just to be part of Mirvac's Christmas Party entertainment with 8 members and an Audio Technician from Design, Development, IT and Retail. Then after our first performance we lost few members and formed the (6 member) 2nd Generation with only 4 original members(including our Audio Technician, then became our bass guitarist) was left and welcomed 2 new members (drums & vocals). Now 3rd Gen is formed from our 4 original members, together again David, Vong, Kiran & Gina with 2nd Gen member Maria & latest member John.

Nominated Charity: PIF

Band Members

David Smith

Rhythm/Lead Guitar

Vong Sinbandhit

JRhythm/Lead Guitar

Kiran Dongol


John Montebeler

Bass Guitar

Gina Hill


Maria Schrammel