On the Brink

Formed in 2016, with low expectations, On The Brinck took the 2016 Construction Rocks competition by storm, winning the competition
and reviving 80's hair-glam-rock in the process. Prepare to be dazzled….literally 


Charity: Shake It Up Australia

Band Members

Kezia "sugar" Lloyd


Born to front a band, heaven is truly a place on earth when Kezia is strutting her stuff and belting out rock songs with "On The Brink". Confident, sassy and with a personality to match her big vocals she puts her stamp on any song she takes on.    

Alex "fingers" Campbell

Lead Guitar

Conceived backstage at a Motley Crew concert and born at a Twisted Sister gig, Alex has music flowing through his veins - literally !
No one can explain it but it has been proven in a series of lab experiments. Don’t question it, just enjoy his skills with On The Brink


Jon "ivory" Tobin


Jon's keyboard skills have been compared to those of Elton John, Rick Wakeman and Keith Emerson, mostly by himself, but none the less
such comparisons are not without basis. Growing up playing the organ at a worship house in the deep south, traces of those early day influences can still be found when belting out a classic 80's rock tune with On The Brink. 


Daniel "mercury" Smith

Bass guitar

Daniel is an enigma in the music world. Industry chat rooms are still alive with debate about whether he wore "pants" or "tights" at last year's Construction Rocks concert. The smart money is on the latter, but more importantly his talents are in high demand and On The Brink are lucky to have him as part of their rhythm section.


Ian "animal" Chase


Having grown up watching the "Muppet Show", Ian was devastated when, at the age of 15, he found out the the muppets were not real.
Unable to realise his dream of becoming the Swedish Chef's apprentice, he decided to follow in the footsteps of his other muppet idol, Animal. He is at least half as good as Rick Allen, 100% more real than Animal and with 3 times more hair than ol' Phil Collins.