A spandrel is the space between two arches. Architects are all about space. Spandrel is also the newest artistic venture for Bijl Architecture - and as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained! Whilst we are a new band, we have three experienced musicians all of whom have played in bands. 

Nominated Charity: Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation

Band Members

Melonie Bayl-Smith 

Lead Vocals / Bass / Keys

Classically trained pianist Melonie is the founder and director of Bijl Architecture. She is well known for terrorising her staff with her spotify playlists which contain everything from jazz fusion to black metal. With little spare time between architecture and family, Melonie prefers to masquerade as a bass guitarist, a product of her ill-spent youth.  Melonie has played in various bands off and on for the past 25 years, including Newcastle mid 90s alt-rock band Gouache of which other members have gone on to play in the Cannanes and Purplene. She has also performed at various public and private events, functions and weddings as a classical, jazz and rock musician. 

Piers Bayl-Smith 

Guitar / Vocals

Piers is the long-suffering IT man at Bijl Architecture and also a frustrated house and church band guitarist who loves to rock out to metal. When he's not up-specing the CAD server or answering dumb software questions from architects, you can find him studying or nerding it up at his luthering table. Piers is Melonie's husband and they perform and play music together on a regular basis. 

Giles Gibbins

Drums Lachlan

Giles is a wannabe architect and occasionally a wannabe drummer. When sticks are placed in his hands, his metal youth days are re-born and nothing will be safe! Giles has experience in school and church bands, playing over the past decade.