Back To Basix

Being creative and innovative is part of Cundall’s DNA! But sometimes, you need to take it back to basics – basic songs by above basic people, basically a good time.

Nominated Charity: Aussie Farmers Foundation


Band Members



Maddy Briscoe

Instrument: Lead Vocals

Trained for Broadway and Niki Minaj impersonations at dinner parties, Maddy is also the Marketing Assistant at Cunadall! Who better to lead the vocals and market the band!!

Zoe Neill

Instrument: Guitar / Backup Vocals

Keep-cups and Opal cards, Zoe loves sustainable living. She's also all about music as rhythm guitarist, back up vocalist and resident song-writer of the band contributing an original composition to the set.

Monica Saralertsophon

Instrument: Sax / Shakers / Ukulele

No one knows acoustics better than the Acoustics manager. Monica switches it up between sax, shakers and ukulele... is there an instrument she can't master?

Natalie Cahill

Instrument: Bass

In true sustainability and resourcefulness, where a bass player could not be found, Natalie engineered a solution on the keyboard. No one solves problems like Natalie.

Sean Kahn

Instrument: Lead Guitar

Brooding Musician, sexy accent and a hint of Clark Kent (must be the glasses), Sean isn't just for the female vote, he's also a highly skilled although spontaneous lead guitarist.

Caio Alexandre Nogueira

Instrument: Drums

Wild and enthusiastic, Caio might be an outsider to the Cundall work team, but an essential, fun loving key to the band. Well-trained in labouring to really hit the drums hard!