The Cliffriders


Evolving out of the evergreen Cliffdivers, The Cliffriders wow audiences with both types of great music: Country AND western. Expect to be stomping feet and singing along to some expected and unewxpected C&W hits…. 

Nominated Charity: PIF

Band Members


steve watson

Instrument: Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar

Inspecting buildings by day, Steve dons his 10 gallon hat, leather vest and chaps by evening, paying homage to Johnny Cash, Elvis and Frankie Laine in turn. Will take on all comers in a yodelling  contest and twangs a mean lick on his Gibson ES355....  

John Pye

Instrument: Bass

John claims his 30 bass guitars are barely enough and with a straight face will explain how they're all quite different. With 30 years of gigs under his belt you'd better be careful in a showdown with this hombre. Otherwise he's an architectural model maker par excellence. 

Lachlan Dengate

Instrument: Drums

Lachlan paints buildings when he has to but his heart is on a stage behind a well-worn drum kit pumping out tunes for cowboys and cattle rustlers. In a 30 year musical career he's straddled many genres but has played more country influenced tunes alog the way than he can remember. 

Steve Passfield

Instrument: Lead Guitar

Steve Passfield needs no introduction. He's one of Australia's best known country artists with a swag of awards and accolades to his name, not in the least of which was taking home a Golden Guitar from Tamworth in 2008 for best instrumental. In between times he's a building inspector and we're grateful he's agrees to tread the boards with the The Cliffriders for this great charity event.